Bird Feed and Feeders

No other store in the area features our extensive
range of wild and domestic bird feeds and feeders.
Available in small bags or in bulk including our
hallmark Premium mixed wild bird feed specially
formulated for us by Baden Feeds.

• Mixed wild, sunflower seeds, nyjer, distlefinch
• Assorted peanuts, small dent corn, safflower and         
    various suet products
• Red or white millet, canary, cockatiel, budgie, finch,    
• Whole corn, cracked corn, scratch, oyster shell and a 
    wide variety of pigeon feeds
• Salt spools, shavings, cage accessories

Mon. - Fri.  8am - 6pm
Saturdays  8am - 5pm
Closed Sundays & Holidays
1631 Queensville Sdrd.
Located conveniently at the 404
& Queensville Sideroad  (exit ramp)